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Events and shop calendar

Curious to know what’s going on in the shop? Here’s your answer:

We here at the Bike Kitchen love bikes. And I mean LOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOVE bikes. Fixing them, riding them, watching movies about them, hearing bad spoken word poetry about them, listening to banjo-y bluegrass ballads about them, using them to find pickable fruit, telling awesome road stories about them, rallying around them for some nefarious community organizing, throwing bicycle parties and other events. If you’ve got an idea for a killer event and you want to partner with SBK on it, or if you just want to look into using SBK as a venue for your awesome pro-bicycle event, give us a buzz at

We don’t have any forms or checklists for you to submit (we’re hardly that formal), but the more information you can give us about your plans, the quicker we can help you bring those plans to life. Let us know who you are and how to get a hold of you, how your event is bike related (if at all), and when you’d like to hold your event (and please check out our current calendar before you ask). Even if we can’t help you, we might know someone who can.

If you are interested in our shift calendar, it is available here.