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Upcoming classes [Updated]

Looking for a bike?  Unsure how to fix a flat?  Not at all clear on how to ride when the weather turns bad?  Got a weird scraping sound coming from your hub?  We’ve got a quartet of training classes to cover you.

Winterizing your bike

Sunday, October 30, 1:00 PM.

Suggested donation: $5 at the door.

Limited seats available; e-mail to preregister.

Instructor: Mel Melvin.

This class will cover how to winterize your bike, winter bike maintenance, dressing, riding safety and commuting tips.  The class will be taught by the intrepid Mel Melvin, a veteran year-round bicycle commuter.  Come one, come all and learn how to stay dry and safe during these winter months.  You don’t have to put your bike away for the winter, you just have to be prepared!

Finding True Love on the Internet: A guide to buying bikes on Craigslist

Sunday, November 6, 1:00 PM.

Suggested donation: $10 at the door.

15 seats available; e-mail to preregister.

Instructor: Mike Larmer.

This one session class will cover the various aspects of delineating, discovering, and buying a used bicycle that is right for you using available resources on the internet with particular attention to Craigslist.

Topics will include some basics of bicycle construction, some reference to the history of bicycles in the USofA since the 70′s bike boom, a general overview of frame construction, geometry, and components, and some basic rules for survival in the  Craigslist jungle environment. The focus will be on steel framed bicycles, with a particular lengthy digression into the world of high end double butted steel road bikes…..if you think this refers to a bicycle with two saddles, this class is probably not for you. If you are a fixed gear fanatic, a carbon fiber fan, or in general a weight weenie; again, this is not the class you want to take, because the instructor will hold you up for ridicule.

Basic maintenance

Sunday, November 20, 12:00 PM.

Suggested donation: $10 at the door.

10 seats available; e-mail to preregister.

Instructor: Ryan Sharpe.

A two-hour introductory course in bicycle maintenance, focusing on fixing the most common problems and making simple adjustments.  It will feature a general overview of the parts of a bike, how to remove and replace a tire and tube, how to patch a tube, how to adjust brakes and derailleurs, and how to adjust a bike to fit the rider comfortably.

Overhauling your hub

Sunday, December 4, 1:00 PM.

Suggested donation: $15 at the door.

4 seats available; e-mail to preregister.

Instructor: Mel Melvin.

Don’t be frightened of the inner workings of your bicycle.  Open that thing up and get greasy!  In this class you will take apart, clean, and re-pack your front hub.  This simple maintenance procedure will keep your wheels rollin’ smooth and fast.

About the instructors

Mel Melvin is a longtime volunteer at SBK and a veteran year-round bike commuter.  He commonly shames our other volunteers with his steadfast dedication to our hectic Saturday day shift.

Mike Larmer is a long time bicycle junkie and retro roadie fan, who has been logging significant commuting and sport riding miles since his college years in the early 1970′s (he is old). He currently serves as custodian and maintenance staff to an embarrassingly large fleet of high end road bikes from the 70′s, 80′s, and very early 90′s. His last new bicycle was given to him on his thirteenth birthday, a maroon 3 speed Dunelt, which was stolen in Charleston, S.C. during his term of active duty service in the United States Navy. A pox upon the thief (may he burn in hell.)  He thus has possession of an esoteric body of knowledge with regard to steel framed bicycles (and what makes a good one), their selection, maintenance, and use. It appears that there is an audience for this information, and if nothing else, every bike you buy on Craigslist before he can contributes to the longevity of his marriage.

Ryan Sharpe picked up the bike bug reorganizing Sacramento Critical Mass in 2007 before holding down a regular clerking shift at SBK in early 2009.  Through exposure, osmosis, and thickheadedness he’s managed to learn a thing or two about keeping a bike on the road in one piece.

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