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MLK Jr. Inventory Day

Tomorrow is MLK Jr. Day. Since a lot of folks have the day off we decided it would be a great time to open up the shop to volunteers for cleaning up our overflowing scrap yard (formerly known as Broke Bike Mountain). The shop will be open for much of the day starting at 10am. We are still having our volunteer appreciation in the evening and an orientation at night but if you want to come get greasy before that come on in. Here are a few things that we hope to accomplish:

  • Create wheel sizing templates (to help find that specific size you need)
  • Create some signage and education materials for the shop
  • Strip broken bikes for useful parts
  • Build up mostly-complete bikes for selling/donating
  • Add drawer liners for the Parts Card Catalog
  • Strip wheels for useful hubs and axles
  • Develop ingenious part and bike storage systems
  • Win at life

So, get off your bum and be productive on MLK Jr. Day.

See you at 10am!

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