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December 30 Meeting Notes

Here are the notes for the core meeting on December 30th.


Here is who showed up for this meeting: Scott, Owen, Ryan, Ed, Gina


Ten Commandments

Owen introduced a shop policy that seems to mostly work for everyone. To be printed out and posted in the shop and online.

Storing Project Bikes

We discussed the potential for storing project bikes at the shop while they are being worked on. We talked about potentially charging storage or rental fees. We decided that we will not allow storing bikes right now. We need to concentrate on getting the shop open and functional again. Then we will revisit the idea of storing projects.


Here are the remaining tasks that need to be completed prior to the Open House.

  • bars on windows and doors
  • close of interior door (landlord will do)
  • Ben came in and approved the design and will reimburse some of the costs (John G to follow up with landlord)
  • Window in the bathroom
  • plywood on the countertops? Ed to work on adding plywood
  • Countertops… cabinets above? Access to plugs is good, might want lighting above the countertop
  • Tubes and tires? Peg tree? A way to divide them out.
  • John G got a new door knob on the front door
  • Where did the ramp go? Place near the front door. John G will call Brad.
  • 220 power? Landlord wants to remove it. Our welder folks use 110 so it is OK to remove. Landlord to remove 220 power.
  • Exterior lighting. Long term goal. Need to get Ben involved. Ed to take that project on.
  • Signage have them talk to Ben and us before doing anything
  • Metal cabinets? Pegboard inside the metal cabinets (buying two at Rulands).
  • Rolling tables (John to buy one)
  • Cabinets for parts.
  • Need receipts from Ed for his purchases (plywood and counters)

Open House

Not much progress made. Ed sent the addresses to the core. Gina will work on flyering and sending a note to the neighborhood.


  • Compliance folder goes to John G, he will take to lawyer friend
  • Still need CC statement from John B
  • Still need Business Tax Cert from city
  • SBE seller’s permit Ryan to update the address
  • Do we pay sales tax? Yes, we include it in the part’s sales price. Change is hard to deal with
  • Owen is officially resigning and becoming less active due to his SABA responsibilities.
  • No receipt, no reimbursement See Rose for the reimbursement forms
  • Post the meeting minutes from two weeks ago? Yes. Scott will do
  • liability form for visitors? Download from insurer… Gina to send a copy to Scott
  • Longer memberships (cards?) daily ($5), yearly ($50)
  • Laminator? Scott to check with Chris
  • Business cards? Gina to look into.
  • Membership cards? Gina will look at a design.

Shop Activities

  • Whit may teach monthly
  • John Strizek planning on working a shift
  • see google doc from John G for volunteer schedule
  • We are set to be open: Wed, thur, fri, every 2nd saturday
  • volunteer coordinator? Hopefully not John G or Gina in the near future.
  • Contact info for volunteers or volunteer email list.
  • Owen will still be around to fill a shift when possible
  • Processes… We need the following logs in the shop:
    1. Activity log (sign in sign out)
    2. Donation log (who donated what, paper donation receipt) checkboxes: cash, bikes, parts, misc, other ________
    3. Cash log
    4. Membership log

Action Items

John G: Work on construction tasks with Ben, follow up with landlord on various tasks.
Ed: Receipts for purchases.
Scott: Meeting notes, receipts for computer purchases, make up donation receipts, send receipt for monitor to Ryan, look into creating shop processes on the computer.
Gina: send announcements, business cards, laminator, membership cards

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